Friday 17.10.2014 North European Championship, Open to couples Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia. WDSF Adult Open Latin & Std WDSF Youth Open Latin & Std WDSF Senior 1 Open Latin & Std WDSF Junior 2 Open Latin & Std WDSF Junior 1 Open Latin & Std
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WDSF class dancers need ID card. FDSA class is Open to all, is not required WDSF ID card. Saturday 18.10.2014 WDSF World Open Standard WDSF Youth Open Latin WDSF Senior 1 Open Standard WDSF Senior 2 Open Latin FDSA Junior 2 Open Standard FDSA Junior 1 Open Latin FDSA Juvenile 2-1 Open Latin (4 Dance -pd)
Sunday  19.10.2014 WDSF World Open Latin WDSF Youth Open Standard WDSF Senior 1 Open Latin WDSF Senior 2 Open Standard WDSF Senior 3 Open Standard FDSA Junior 2 Open Latin FDSA Junior 1 Open Standard FDSA Juvenile 2-1 Open Standard (4 Dance -f)
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Dance-Finlandia 2013 YouTube Mrs. Margit Sollman The life work of the Finnish Dance culture, Social Dance and Dance Sport in favor.
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Registration has started: Deadline for entries:  3rd of October 2014.
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